Sulphuric Acid Trading Company – USA

Sulphuric Acid Trading Company, Inc. (SATCO) began operations in March 1989 in Tampa, Florida and is a NSF 60 and ISO 9001 certified supplier of sulphuric acid. SATCO’s terminal is located in the Port of Tampa with a storage capacity of 80,000 tons for distribution of imported and regional acid. SATCO offers customers a range of acid concentrations from 93 to 99%.


SATCO’s terminal supplies acid to the phosphate industry and industrial customers in Florida and the US Eastern Seaboard. The terminal has the capacity to load daily over 3,700 tons via truck utilizing an automated loading system and 1,000 tons via rail as well as a berth available for vessel and barge loading and unloading.


SATCO also markets acid to industrial customers including water treatment facilities, pulp and paper, industrial chemicals and battery manufacturers. In addition, SATCO markets smelter acid from suppliers in the Western US and Mexico to customers throughout Southwestern US and the US Gulf for use in industrial and mining applications. SATCO also ships acid directly from international supply sources to customers in the US Gulf and Eastern Seaboard.


21.09.2017Announcement:Sulfuric Acid Tank Terminal Business on US West Coast