Our Values


Our sound management and customer service make Interacid a trustworthy and reliable organization.


Our business is built on the tradition of sound management, trustworthiness and strong moral values.

Dedication to Safety

Our main priorities are the safe management of sulfuric acid, the security of our facilities and the preservation of the environment.

Long-Term Perspective

We operate with a clear and determined focus on the future for our customers, suppliers and employees.

Operational Performance

It is with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence that we continually deliver optimal results for our partners.

Environmental Safety

We place the highest priority on the environment, health, safety, and security of our facilities. The Interacid Group maintains the ISO 9001: Quality Management and ISO 14001: Environmental Management certifications.

• Key value and commitment

• Experts in the safe handling of sulfuric acid

• Decades of experience of handling sulfuric acid with our own assets

• Handling millions of tons per year

• Technical experience