Integrated Global Trading and Shipping Since 1970

We are committed to providing unparalleled shipping and logistics capabilities that deliver greater flexibility as well as unrivalled expertise in Sulphuric Acid handling.

As a Sumitomo Corporation company, our corporate and company values are supported by a 400-year-old business philosophy.

Supply Chain Management
Reliable and Established Networks

Gain new overseas supply or destinations through our presence in core import and export countries. We balance your needs in regional markets and address delivery liftings requirements in a timely manner to help reach new partnerships with key strategic producers.

International Shipping and Logistics
Expertise for Greater Efficiency

Our highly-skilled inhouse operation teams handle centralized chartering directly with owners or specialized brokers. With product specialization and a focus on seaborne trade, we facilitate direct access to freight market information.

Marketing Agreements
Leverage Our Connections with End-User Markets

We help Sulfuric Acid producers manage inventory levels by establishing long-term marketing agreements. We are connected with new end-user markets where Sulfuric Acid is highly desired.

Inland Distribution
Distributing Sulfuric Acid from International Markets to Inland Consumers

By investing heavily in critical infrastructure such as tank storage and railcar/truck loading facilities, we are able to consistently distribute Sulfuric Acid supplied from seaborne trade to inland consumers.

Terminal Services
Operational Safety and Reliability Are Key

With product knowledge and an expertise in facility operations, our team members have a long history of safely handling Sulfuric Acid and other chemicals. We provide systematic and process-driven terminal services while prioritizing safety and dependability.

Forward-Thinking Measures for the Future

We are focused on building long-term relationships with producers and customers. Our investments in tank storage and operational facilities provide dependable, consistent Sulfuric Acid supply, as well as safe storage and handling of hazardous products.

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