Interacid Trading S.A. - Switzerland

Interacid Trading S.A. (ITSA) was founded in Lausanne in 1970 to bring a sustainable business solution to worldwide smelters needing to market their sulphuric acid.

From our Lausanne’s office we define our commercial strategy and manage the sulphuric acid global trade & logistics.


Throughout the years we have developed a large number of long term contracts. These include both important suppliers and large consumers involved in various businesses such as fertilizer production, mining extraction (leaching), and many other industrial uses (pulp & paper, water treatment, batteries, plastics, iron pickling etc…). Due to the high bulk volume carried each year, vessels are chartered utilizing our Shipping Department to gain greater logistics flexibility and better product flows.


The combination of a highly diversified pool of suppliers & receivers, and a unique 260,000 MT storage capacity worldwide gives us a competitive edge to better serve your product demands.