Interacid Trading Chile - Chile

In 1994, Interacid established two companies in Chile, Interacid Trading S.A. (ITC), a company based in Santiago dedicated to the trading of sulphuric acid and Interacid Chile Limitada (ICL), a company handling the storage and dispatch of sulphuric acid to end-users.


Both companies were merged in 2008 to better coordinate the sulphuric acid supply to copper leaching projects in the north of Chile by sourcing the acid requirement from national producers as well as from overseas.


Interacid Chile has a maritime terminal located in Chile’s Region II (Mejillones). This region consumes approximately 80% of the sulphuric acid used in mining operations. The total storage capacity of the terminal is 135,000 metric tons. The terminal facilities allow the receipt of vessels of up to 65,000 metric tons (deadweight).


The above-mentioned terminal is also equipped to dispatch the acid in trucks (up to 280 trucks/24 hours) and rail cars (up to 10 trains of 30 cars/24 hours) according to the requirements of our clients. Strict compliance with health, safety, security and environmental regulations are in force.